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613 South Melbourne Piesne & amp; Football Chants

Futbalové mužstvo hrá v National Premier Leagues Victoria, Australia

11928 Hellas A classic South Melbourne Hellas chant, sung by the Clarendon Corner Zoznam skladieb
12626 South Melbourne Poporopopo Sung on classic South American Tune Zoznam skladieb
12644 South Melbourne Hellas Last sung while leaving Adelaide after the last NSL match Zoznam skladieb
12823 South Melbourne Ole Ole! Zoznam skladieb
13114 South Melbourne Trumpet Not actual name, originally sung by trumpet but can sometimes be done by voice when the trumpet is not at the game Zoznam skladieb
14730 South Melbourne Ole Ole Ole Classic SMFC chant Zoznam skladieb
14921 Hellas Ole Ole Hellas is Greek for Greece - there's a big Greek population in Melbourne, that's why the songs for South Melbourne are some of the best in Australia ;) Zoznam skladieb


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